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Please feel at ease to telephone me personally at 905-273-3322 or 1-877-273-3322. People, including other lawyers, call me all the time to ask basic questions about what to do next. I do my best to answer the telephone personally.  Stay on the line and your call will be forwarded to my office, my cell phone, or my home. If there is no answer or the line is busy please please leave a message by following the directions on my telephone line. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you or a family member have been charged with assault you will have a lot of questions about when the person charged can return home. You will also have a lot of questions about the role of the complainant and the surety. A surety plays a very important role in supervising the accused pending the completion of the matter and may need independent legal advice.

If you or a family member have been charged with shoplifting or other theft you will have questions about diversion programmes, lawsuits by the complainant, and trespass notices.

If you have been charged with impaired driving you would probably like to know whether or not you have a reasonable prospect of defending the charge. You'll want to know about the severe and expensive consequences if you opt for a Stream A Guilty Plea. Phone me at 905-273-3322 or 1-877-273-3322 and we'll set up an appointment. Scan or take an image of all your papers, as well as any disclosure or video that you have received. Please download and fill out the free Canadian Impaired driving Checklist and the free Drinking Driver's Worksheet.


If you, your son, or your daughter have been charged with a criminal offence you will want to know your options and about the long-term impact of an adult or Youth Court record on employment, travel, and reputation. Adult records and Youth Court records don't just disappear, they last for many years. Parents should complete the free Young Offenders Act - Parent's Page Questionnaire before meeting with a lawyer.


If you need a will and/or powers of attorney you should download and fill out the free Questionaires and Inventory for Wills and Powers of Attorney before booking an appointment.You will find a lot of information about the paragraphs usually contained in wills and powers of attorney at

During the pandemic, we can schedule a video conference meeting. I use Zoom, iPhone Face Time, and Skype. If we are booking a video consultation we will need your documents and photoID by email in advance of our meeting.

Initial consultations are scheduled for one hour at a fee of $200 plus HST. 

I do not accept Legal Aid certificates except in cases of extreme hardship.

You can also contact me at .

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