The September 1996 resolution is:

Resolved that the following subsection is added immediately after subsection (5) of section 5 of the Young Offenders Act:

Notwithstanding s. 7 (place of temporary detention) or 24.1 (open custody and secure custody) nothing in this Act authorizes the placement of a young person in a boot camp.


The youth wing of the national Progressive Conservative Party has advocated boot camps for young offenders. The Mike Harris government in Ontario is considering proposals respecting stricter discipline as a means to rehabilitating young persons who have been found guilty of criminal offences. Similar proposals have been implemented in other countries.

Research Tips:

1. What Ministry in your province operates places of open custody and secure custody for young persons? What is the difference between open custody and secure custody. Does your province make use of forest or wilderness camps in the rehabilitation of young persons?

2. Contact the Canadian Department of National Defence to find out about military boot camps. What are the admission requirements? Can you enter if you have a criminal record? Do participants in military boot camps in Canada learn about weapons and ammunition? Is military boot camp an appropriate model for correction of young offenders?

3. What offender boot camp programs are in place in other countries? Do they result in rehabilitation of participants?

4. Are offender boot camp programs only relevant to jurisdictions which have a social welfare model of corrections for young offenders? What are the differences between the training schools used as custodial facilities in Ontario under the Juvenile Delinquents Act prior to 1984 and secure custody facilities used after the implementation of the Young Offenders Act?

The following Internet resources, may be of assistance:

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