Debates from Previous Months

The debates below were conducted online between 1996 and 2003. You can no longer input comments live online because of spam and security concerns. If you or your students would like to contribute to ongoing debate on any of these issues please contact Stephen Biss Students names should not be included.




May 1996 (Young Persons Criminal Code)

The Resolution for May 1996


Argument May 1996


Discussion Archives May 1996


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June 1996 (Act Include Ages 10 and 11)

The Resolution for June 1996


Argument June 1996


Discussion Archives June 1996


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July 1996 (Act Exclude Ages 16 and 17)

The Resolution for July 1996


Argument July 1996


Discussion Archives July 1996


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August 1996 (S. 56 Statements)

The Resolution for August 1996


Argument August 1996


Discussion Archives August 1996


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September 1996 (Boot Camp)

The Resolution for September 1996


Argument September 1996


Discussion Archives September 1996


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October 1996 (More Severe Sentences)

The Resolution for October 1996


Argument October 1996


Discussion Archives October 1996


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December 1996 (Rehabilitation Resources in Provinces)

The Resolution for December 1996


Argument  December 1996


Discussion Archives December 1996


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February 1997 (Psychological Assessments)

The Resolution for February 1997


Argument February 1997


Discussion Archives February 1997


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April 1997 (Alternative Measures)

The Resolution for April 1997


Argument April 1997


Discussion Archives April 1997


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October 1997 (Parental Responsibility for Damages by Children)

The Resolution for October 1997


Argument October 1997


Discussion Archives October 1997


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February 1998 (The Ramsay Bill C-210)

The Resolution for February 1998


Argument February 1998


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May 1998 (Youth Criminal Justice Act)

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September 1998 (Amendments to s. 56)

The Resolution for September 1998


Argument and Discussion




December 1998 (Publishing Names)


January 1999 (More or Less Youth Crime)


February 1999 (Citizens Committees)


March 1999 (Bill C-68 Youth Criminal Justice Act)


April 1999 (Key Issues and Conclusions)


May 1999 (Press Release by Ontario Attorney General)


October 1999 (Should the Age of Consent be Raised to 18?)


November 1999 (Should Squeegee Kids be Outlawed?)


December 1999 (Lower the Voting Age!)


January 2000 (Drinking and Driving)


February 2000 (Youth Court Sentencing)


March 2000 (Handguns in High Schools)


April 2000 (Application of Force During Hockey Games)


September 2000: Ontario's Parental Responsibility Act


October 2000: Equal Treatment of Young Persons


November 2000: Canadian Alliance Position


December 2000: Petition to Demand a Referendum on Voting Age


March 2001: Raise the Drinking Age to 21


September 2001: Suspension of Civil Liberties 


October 2001: Criminalization of Tobacco Possession


December 2001: Youth Criminal Justice Act Reference Page



January 2002 - Age of Criminal Responsibility


February 2002 - Child Protection or Criminal Justice Model


March 2002 - Rights Prior to and During Interrogation


April 2002 - Parents' Rights on Arrest of Child


September 2002 - School Uniforms


November 2002 Making Adults as Accountable as Young Persons


December 2002 Prosecuting 10 and 11 year olds as criminals




January 2003 Prosecuting 16 and 17 year olds as adults


February 2003 Interrogation of Young Persons


March 2003 Zero Tolerance


April 2003 Should the Age of Consent be Raised to 18?


May 2003 Young Persons Going to Jail


June 2003 Pre-emptive Strikes Against Bullies





List of Young Offenders Debates



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