The Great Young Offenders Act Debate

Optional Sentencing Databases

Youthct Database

Between 1984 and 1994, Allbiss Lawdata Ltd. recorded approximately 9300 Youth Court sentencing dispositions for 12 to 15 year olds at the Brampton, Ontario Family Court Youth Court. The database created includes a brief summary of the facts and non-identifying personal data as well as details of the sentence imposed. The database is very useful in determining the sentence likely to be imposed for a given offence, age group, and record. 

During the same period, Allbiss Lawdata Ltd. also built a database of reported Canadian Youth Court, Juvenile Delinquents Act, and 16-17 year old adult sentencing cases. These cases may also be very useful to any study of Youth Court sentencing. 

It is possible for Allbiss Lawdata Ltd. to make these databases available online to your students. If your school is interested in purchasing access to these databases please contact for more information. The cost per school would be $50 plus GST for the remainder of this academic year.