Simple Possession of Marijuana in Ontario


The police record of criminal charges, whether or not persons are ever convicted, may have an impact for life. Persons charged (not even convicted) may be barred from entry into the United States. Persons who admit to smoking marijuana anytime in their lives may also be barred. We live in a strange new world where acquittal or withdrawal of charges may not remove the stigma of a criminal charge.

There are many new impaired by cannabis laws in force in Canada.It is very dangerous to drive anytime after consuming or using recreational or medical cannabis, not just because of actual impairment or actual per se concentration of THC, but because of the laws giving the police new powers that may result in false positives detecting THC and other drugs in the body of a person who has consumed or used recreational or medical cannabis. The metabolites of THC may remain in your body for a month after recreational or medical use even though you are no longer high.

It is very dangerous for young persons to possess cannabis. It is still a Canadian criminal offence for a young person to possess cannabis. It is an extremely serious offence to distribute cannabis to a person under age 18.

The Province of Ontario also has very strict laws that prohibit cannabis possession or driving by young persons.






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