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Stay on the line while my answering system tries to reach me personally wherever I am. If my office doesn't answer your call will be re-directed, to my other phone numbers, including my cell phone.

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I would be happy to speak with you on the telephone personally or meet with you in my office for one hour to discuss your matter in detail.  I have video and DVD equipment in my office so that we can review your breath room or statement video. I have lawyers' software for calculating BAC based on your drinking scenario. There are several toxicologists who I consult on a regular basis who would be happy to prepare a report on your  blood alcohol content based on what you recall drinking and eating. I have Intoxilyzer and Alcotest experts as well as hardware/software experts on call in Canada and the United States if I can't answer your technical questions about interferents, radio frequency interference, diabetes, operator error or machine error. I have 5 Intoxilyzer 5000s,  a Drager Breathalyzer/Alcotest  7410, an Intoxilyzer SD-5, and Guth 34C, Guth 104D, and Smith/Wesson  instruments in my office ready to run experiments on various mouthpieces, interfering substances, and your medical condition. I have technical manuals on the Intoxilyzer 8000C.

The initial telephone contact is free. I'll tell you on the phone how much I need to charge you for the first appointment in person. I like to conduct a detailed review of your case in my office on the first appointment. I generally charge $200 plus tax, paid up front, to give you an opinion on whether or not I think you have a good defence. Through years of experience I've learned that people want to know the truth about whether they've got a chance at defeating the charge before they invest in a lawyer's retainer. I can only tell you that if I hear about one hour's worth of detail from you. That way I can talk to you about possible specific defences that fit your unique situation. I can't really estimate how much a defence will cost until I've spent that time with you.




How I Can Help if You Live Far Away or Can't Take Time Off Work

Some people can't take time off work to come to meet me in person. Some people live and work too far away. 

We can do an iPhone Face Time or Skype video consultation by appointment.


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Before you come to see me please enjoy this web site. You'll find a great deal of information if you look carefully. Print out the checklists and worksheets. I have an online database of impaired driving and Charter of Rights case law information at The links at the top of this and other pages will guide you to FStats (Federal Statutes)  and new Bills in Parliament at the Canadian Government database and PStats (Provincial Statutes) at the Ontario Government web site. CLA is the web site I originally built for the Criminal Lawyers Association of Ontario. DUI USA is the International Referral Database that I built to link together the combined resources of my American drunk driving law colleagues. The sidebar listing provinces and states includes databases of interstate/interprovincial legislation, courthouse addresses, facilities, maps and directions, local BAC instruments, and motor vehicle licence suspension offices. You'll also find technical discussions on breath testing instruments, lists of toxicologists, and resources related to the new Youth Criminal Justice Act. The Resources and Info sidebar will take you to Canada's Courts of Appeal.

If you call me stay on the line while my answering system tries to reach me personally wherever I am.

Please feel at ease to telephone me now at:

  905-273-3322 (in the 416 or 905 Greater Toronto Area)

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Stephen R. Biss, Barrister & Solicitor

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