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1978 - 1979 Law Society of Upper Canada, Bar Admission Course
Called to the Bar: April 5, 1979
1974 - 1977    University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, LL. B. Cum Laude: May 26, 1977
1971 - 1974 University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science, B.A. with Grade A Standing: June 6, 1974
1966 - 1971 Michael Power High School, Etobicoke, Ontario Scholar: August 1971
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Professional Employment:

Since  1980 Stephen R. Biss, lawyer, sole practitioner
1979 - 1980    M. Gogek & Associates, lawyer, associate
1977 - 1978 M. Gogek & Associates, student-at-law
1977 Crown Attorney's Office, Brampton, student-at-law

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 Professional Experience:   

Since  1979 Private Law Practice in Mississauga 
 1979-2001 Peel   Provincial  Court  (Family  Division),  duty counsel panel.
Since  1979 Peel Law Association, member.
1979 - 1995  Official Guardian child  representation/protection panel.
Since 1980 Peel   Provincial  Court (Criminal  Division)  duty counsel panel
Since  1981 Peel Part-time Assistant Crown Attorney.
1983 - 1984 Peel-Dufferin   Y.O.A.  Planning  &  Implementation Group.
1983 - 1985 Part-time Counsel for Children's Aid  Society  of Peel Region.
1983 - 1987 Development    and  operation  of  a   computerized service for lawyers and judges calculating  income tax effects of support payments.
1983 - 1994 Development and  maintenance  of  a   computerized sentencing database for statistical analysis  and comparison   of most Peel Provincial Court  (Family   Division)   Y.O.A.  sentencing  decisions  used  by Judges,   lawyers, probation officers,  and   other professionals.
1983 - 1994  Development    and  operation  of  a   computerized sentencing   database respecting digested  and reported Y.O.A. sentencing decisions in Canada.
1984 - 1997 Peel Duty Counsel Advisory Committee Member
Since  1985 Peel   Provincial Court (Criminal  Division)  Youth Court duty counsel panel.
1989 - 1996 Peel Criminal Lawyers Association  representative on    the   Brampton  Criminal   Court    Management Committee, (Brampton Delay Reduction Committee).
1989 - 1993  Development of computer software and graphics  for  province-wide   comparison of time to trial in  the Ontario Court (Provincial Division).
1990 - 1991 Chief   Judge's Executive Committee, Ontario  Court (Provincial Division),  Delay Reduction Subcommittee Member.
1993 - 1994 Unified    Family   Court   Committee,   Peel    Law Association, Research on Implementation of a Unified Family Court in Peel and Report to  the  Attorney General, Committee Member.
1994 - 1995 Peel Criminal Lawyers Association  representative on the Regional Group on Violence, development  of Violent    Incidents   Protocol,  Peel   Board   of
 Education, Dufferin-Peel R.C.S.S.B., Peel Regional Police
1995 -1999 Peel Criminal Lawyers Association, Treasurer
1998 - 2007 Criminal Lawyers' Association Webmaster
1998 - 1999 Criminal Lawyers' Association Young Offenders Act  Sub-Committee member, (drafting submissions to the Minister of Justice re Bill C-68, the Youth Criminal Justice Act)
Since 1999 Criminal Lawyers' Association various Sub-Committees, member
2003 - 2005 Peel Criminal Lawyers Association, President
2006 Forcon Controlled Alcohol Testing: Alcohol Absorption, Distribution and Elimination studies
2003 - 2007 Brampton, Local Criminal Justice Co-ordinating Committee, PCLA Representative
Since 2004 Qualified Intoxilyzer Breath Alcohol Technician
Since 2007 Qualified Datamaster Breath Alcohol Technician, Factory Course: Training Requirements for BAC Datamaster Supervisor Program
Since 2007 National College for DUI Defense, member
2008 Atlanta Source Code Conference
2011 - 2016 Continuing Education for Ontario DUI Defence Lawyers, including Intoxilyzer® Tutorials and Intoxilyzer® COBRA® Tutorials, Substantive and Professionalism Continuing Education for Defence Lawyers
Since 2014 Online Course Author and Lecturer: 

Defense of a DUI Breathalyzer Charge by an Ontario Attorney

Canadian DUI: Over 80 Defence Lawyer Disclosure & Preparation for Cross-Examination respecting the Intoxilyzer® 8000C - Introductory Level
Since 2015 Online Course Author and Lecturer:

How Do I Fight a DUI Charge?

This course teaches Canadian defence lawyers the basics of defending a DUI charge.

Since 2014 Online Course Author and Lecturer:

DUI Defence in Canada: wet-bath simulator alcohol standard

Learn why #duisimulator temperature stability / reliability are essential to Intoxilyzer approved instrument accuracy - Intermediate Level
2016 Moderator of Online Live Classes for Defence Lawyers

Working Around Jackson

How to distinguish the R. v. Jackson case in the Ontario Court of Appeal

2016 Moderator of Online Live Classes for Defence Lawyers

How to Analyze a Breath Room Video for Operator Error and Instrument Malfunction

How to review video disclosure for indications of operator error or instrument malfunction


2016 Co-Moderator of Online Live Class for Defence Lawyers

Introduction to COBRA® Data Analysis

2016 Author and Lecturer of Online Course for Defence Lawyers

COBRA® 101

Detailed study of COBRA® Relevance to Issues in excess Blood Alcohol and Failure to Provide a Breath Sample cases

2014  and 2016 Collaboration with defence lawyers from across Canada on the subject of Forensic Metrology and Measurement uncertainty
2017 DUI Defense Lawyers Association, member
2017 NACDL "Charting a Course for the Future of Forensic Science in the Courtroom", participant in online presentation

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 Community Involvement:  

1978 - 2000   St. Francis  of  Assisi Roman  Catholic   Church  - Prayer Group
1981 - 1990 Dufferin-Peel   Roman  Catholic  Separate    School Board,   Challenge  Programme for gifted  students, lecturer and resource person.
1983 - 1987 Credit   Valley  Hospital  fundraising,  Organizational Committee for "Jail & Bail", $ 130,000.00 raised.
1984 - 1996 St.   Francis  of Assisi Roman  Catholic  Church  - Marriage Preparation Course lecturer.
1987 - 1994    Tender    Years   Co-operative   Nursery    School, active parent and fundraising.
1990 - 2006   Mississauga Ballet Association, active parent, webmaster
1994-1996  St. Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church - Education Committee member
1995     St.  Francis  of Assisi Roman  Catholic  Church  - Estate Planning and Powers of Attorney lecturer.
1997 - 1998 St. Thomas More School, Career Day Speaker
1998 - 2001 St. Mark School, School Council member, parish rep.
Starting 2003 High School and Elementary School Mock Trials, resource person 
2010 - 2011 St. Rose of Lima School, Career Days presenter

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 Professional Workshops Provided:  

March  1984 "Young   Offenders Act",  Legal  Aid,  Peel  Family Court    Duty   Counsel,   seminar   for    lawyers, facilitator.
March  1985 "Procedure  for  Review  of  Disposition   in  Peel Family Court - Section 33 of the Y.O.A.", Ministry of   Community  and Social  Services,  Probation  &
Community Services, presenter. 
October  1985 "Failure  to Comply - C.S.O.",  Community  Service Order Co-Ordinators' Association of Ontario Annual Conference, co-presenter.
November 1985 "Impaired    Driving  Causing   Death",   Addiction Research Foundation, Addiction Awareness Week, Co-ordinator   and  participant  in  mock  trial   for students and teachers at a local high school.
April  1986    "Enforcement  of Probation  Orders",   Consultation with   Peel  Youth  Court  Judges,  lawyers,  Court staff, and probation officers respecting procedural simplification  and  consistency, facilitator.
April  1986 "Bill   77  &  the  Young  Offenders  Act",    Panel Discussion,    Peel  Board  of   Education,   Staff Development, panel member
May 1986 "Young  Offenders Act", Family Services  of  Peel, Adult    Protective  Service   Workers,   Quarterly Meeting, seminar leader.
1986 - 1987 "Show Cause Hearing", Community  Professionals Forum, Child Welfare Awareness  Committee of  the Credit Valley Hospital, moderator.
December 1986  "Sentencing   Under the Young Offenders Act",  Peel Law Association seminar for lawyers, leader.
December 1986 "Sentencing    Under  the  Young  Offenders   Act", Ministry    of  Community  and   Social   Services, Probation   and  Community  Services,  meeting  for Halton and Peel Probation Officers, seminar leader.
February 1987 "Young  Offenders Act & Ministry  of  Correctional Services Act", The Salvation Army Cuthbert  House, presentation   for  inmates  serving  open  custody dispositions, lecturer.
March 1987 "Role of Counsel in YOA And CFSA Matters", Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Children and the Law Course, guest panelist with a psychiatrist and Family Court Judge.
October 1987   "Representing   the  Adolescent: Lawyers  &  Staff", Critical    Risk  -  Quality  Care,   International conference    sponsored  by  Thistletown   Regional Centre, workshop presenter.
November 1987 "YOA  Present & Future",  Corrections  Approaching 2001,   Probation Officers Association  of  Ontario Annual   Conference,  panelist  with  Family  Court Judge & Assistant Crown Attorney.
April 1988  "Mock Y.O.A. Sentencing Hearing", Associated Youth Services   of Peel,  Video-taped demonstration  for staff   and  volunteers  including  sample   cross-examination of author of a pre-disposition report.
December 1989 "Search   Strategies Using a Youth Court  Database", Ministry    of  Community  and   Social   Services, Probation   and  Community  Services,  meeting  for Halton    and  Peel  Probation  Officers,   seminar leader.
March 1990  "Trends in the Y.O.A.: Past, Present and  Future", Associated   Youth  Services of  Peel  Appreciation Conference, workshop presenter.
March 1991 "Mock    Askov   Application",   Associated   Youth Services of Peel Appreciation Conference, presenter.
October 1993 "Law  and Community Building",  Panel  Discussion, Sisserou   Cultural Club  for  Dominican-Canadians, panel member. 
January 1994 "Young Offenders Night", The Association of Parent Support Groups, Brampton, facilitator at  question and answer session.
February 1994 "The  Police   Services  Act",  Panel   Discussion, Caribbean Association of Peel, panel member.
September 1995 "Youth Crimes, Roles & Constraints of  Stakeholders",   Ontario  Police  College,  Aylmer, lecturer.
April 1996 "The Law and You - School Law", Rogers Community 10 Mississauga, participant in educational television programme sponsored by the Peel Law  Association "
1997 "Bill 160", Lorne Park Secondary School, School  Council panelist
1997 "Bill 160", Peel Board of Education, Professional Development for Teachers, lecturer.
1997 - 1999 "Conflicting Interests", Rogers Cable 10, 3 Young Offenders Act TV Debates in Toronto and Mississauga against Reform Party Justice Critic, Ontario Crime Control Commission Co-Chair, Police, and Safe Schools Network
1998 "Wills and Estates", Dufferin-Peel R.C.S.S.B. , Professional Development for Teachers, lecturer.
1998 "Internet Resources for Lawyers", Peel Law Association Continuing Education, co-organizer.
2000 "Small Firms and Sole Practitioners", Law Society of Upper Canada, presenter.
2001 "Growing Pains - Youth Justice", Ontario Criminal Lawyers' Association, presenter.
2003 "Adult Sentences - Youth Criminal Justice Act", Ontario Criminal Lawyers' Association, presenter. 
2003 "Evidence to the Contrary" in Excess Blood Alcohol Cases, Ontario Bar Association
2005 "11(b) Charter Applications - How to win them", Peel Law Association
2006 "Intoxilyzer 5000", Peel Law Association
2006 Contributor to "Controlled Alcohol Testing Principles & Practice", Forcon Forensic Consulting Services, workshop for lawyers
Since 2004 Frequent contributor to Industrial Training & Design Ltd., Intoxilyzer Breath Alcohol Technician course for lawyers
Since 2005 Frequent consultant for impaired driving lawyers and demonstrator of breath alcohol instruments for various groups of drunk driving defence lawyers
2008 "Carter Defences Post Bill C-2", Law Society of Upper Canada, 6-Minute Criminal Law Lawyer, presentation
2008 "C-2: Not a Defence", Ontario Criminal Lawyers Association, Annual Conference, The Science of Crime, panel member
2010 Toronto Intoxilyzer 8000C Update, hands-on programme for lawyers and experts, co-host and presenter
2010 Atlanta Multi Device Breath Testing Mega Course, presenter on Freedom of Information applications
Since 2011 Intoxilyzer Tutorials in Mississauga and Ottawa, Advanced Continuing Professional Development for Ontario DUI lawyers including a professionalism, ethics, and practice management component approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada
2011 Intoxilyzer Tutorial, Advanced Continuing Professional Development for Quebec DUI lawyers involved in the constitutional litigation R. v. St. Onge-Lamoureux
2013 Toronto, Intoxilyzer 8000C Update, hands-on programme for Ontario, Maine, and Washington lawyers and experts, co-host and presenter
Since 2014 COBRA Tutorials in Mississauga and Ottawa, Advanced Continuing Professional Development for Ontario DUI lawyers including a professionalism, ethics, and civility component approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada

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        Reported Cases Where Counsel:

G v. M [1981] O.J. No. 1817
Enforcement of interprovincial maintenance order
R. v. Michael Joseph R. 9 W.C.B. 453, [1983] O.J. No. 675, (Ont. P.C.)
Prohibition on use of cautions and contacts in juvenile sentencing under JDA, Magna Carta in Canadian law
C.A.S. v. S.L. [1983] O.J. No. 2040
R. v. J.N. [1984] O.J. No. 671
Does Ontario have Youth Court Judges? Challenge to Jurisdiction under YOA
R. v. G.M (1985) 24 C.C.C. (3d) 288, (Ont. P.C.)
[1986] O.J. No. 2755, (Ont. H.C.)
Constitutional Validity of section 33 of the Young Offenders Act.
R. v. M.(J.) [1986] O.J. No. 1665, (Ont. P.C.)
Defence to being habitually absent from school
R. v. M.(T.E.G.) [1987] O.J. 1893 (Ont. P.C.)
Search and seizure in youth's bedroom by foster parent
C.A.S. v. B.(C.) [1988] O.J. No. 2386
R. v. J.(J.) (1988)  43 C.C.C. (3d) 257, 65 C.R. (3d) 371  (Ont. C.A.), leave to appeal to S.C.C. refused April  6, 1989
Applicability of  section 56(2) of  the Young Offenders Act  to victim's witness  statement  in sexual abuse public mischief case.
R. v. M.(I.A.) [1991] O.J. No. 837 (Ont. P.C.)
YOA statement issues, acquittal on charges of conspiracy to murder and counselling murder
R. v. M [1993] O.J. No.894, (Ont. P.D.)
Counsel for Crown, right to counsel and exclusion of evidence
CAS of Peel v. V.P. [1994] O.J. No. 1800, (Ont. P.D.)
Counsel for Child, Charter application on behalf of child, jurisdiction issue lack of notice 
R. v. O.S. [1995] O.J. No. 2174, (Ont. P.D.)
Sentencing for robbery armed with a knife
R. v. I [2000] O.J. No. 2764, (Ont. C.J.)
Need for interpreter in understanding right to counsel and breath demands
R. v. C [2003] O.J. No. 3161, (Ont. C.J.)
Defective Notice re Certificate of Analysis
R. v. B [2003] O.J. No. 3164
Information a nullity because marihuana possession not an offence known to law, Magna Carta in Canadian law
R. v. D [2004] O.J. No. 1509
Reason for the Stop driving out of a bar, Right to Counsel on Detention
R. v. H [2004] O.J. No. 3253
Unreasonable Delay, Challenge to Adult Brampton Blitz Court
R. v. H [2004] O.J. No. 3254
Arbitrary Detention and Search at Seatbelt Stop 
R. v. A [2004] O.J. No. 5189
Bail Hearing Evidence, Probative Value
R. v. C [2005] O.J. No. 6198
Right to Counsel of Choice, Access to Palm Pilot and Internet Yellow Pages 
R. v. C [2005] O.J. No. 6204
Impaired driving Evidence, Defence Video Images of Traffic and Survey of 1 km of Roadway
R. v. C.A. [2005] O.J. No. 1545
Unreasonable Delay, Challenge to Brampton Blitz Court, Youth Court
R. v. C [2005] O.J. No. 3037
Disclosure, Intoxilyzer and Simulator Maintenance Log
R. v. I [2006] O.J. No. 5578
Systemic Delay, Toronto Old City Hall Overbooking by Trial Co-ordinator
R. v. N [2006] O.J. No. 4914
Standard Alcohol Solution Stability and Expiry Dates 
R. v. F
[2008] O.J. No. 3211
Gap principle in sentencing, 11 year gap after multiple priors
R. v. W [2009] O.J. No. 332
Fail to remain, grounds for arrest
R. v. K [2009] O.J. No. 1084
Care or Control, vehicle inoperability, 258(1)(a) presumption
R. v. B et. al. [2010] O.J. No. 2302
Disclosure under Bill C-2, complex constitutional issues, 4 Orangeville DUI cases resulting in three careless driving resolutions and one licence prohibition reduction from 12 months to three months
R. v. F [2011] O.J. No. 2928
Ventolin inhaler interferent effect, alcohol standard log breach of protocol, observation deprivation period
R. v. M. 2013 ONCJ 230  Quality Assurance and Quality Control during hospital blood analysis following MVC, blood evidence of blood alcohol concentration, fatality case dealt with as impaired / over 80 / dangerous simpliciter
R. v. W 2013 ONCJ 407 Availability of approved instrument to defence Bar and independent experts, use of #duisimulator by qualified technician
R. v. O 2014 ONCJ 440 
Disclosure of complete (55 fields wide and full sequences) COBRA data in native raw text format rather than paper or pdf


Abramovitch,  R., Higgins-Biss, K., and Biss, S., Young  persons' comprehension of waivers in criminal proceedings.,  Canadian Journal of Criminology, July 1993. 309-322.


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