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Due to current construction on Hensall Circle, you may find it easier to approach up Hensall Street from the Queensway.

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470 Hensall Circle, Suite 303,
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 3V4

905-273-3322 or 1-877-273-3322


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Follow the "Court House"  and "Canadian Legion" signs, their buildings are next door.

From Brampton:

Go south on Hurontario Street (Hwy. 10) to Dundas Street (Hwy. 5) in the centre of Cooksville, the old downtown area of Mississauga. Go east about 1 km.. My office is 1 block west of Cawthra Rd. on Hensall Circle.

From Toronto:

Go west on the Q.E.W. to Hurontario Street (Hwy. 10). Turn north on Hurontario Street to the intersection of Hurontario and Dundas Streets. Go east about 1 km. My office is 1 block west of Cawthra Rd. on Hensall Circle. 

From Mississauga:

Go to the intersection of Dundas Street (Hwy. 5) and Hurontario Street (Hwy. 10), travel 1 km. east to Hensall Circle. My building is directly south of the bridge over the railway tracks just west of Cawthra Rd.. It's a brown brick 3 storey office building. I'm on the top floor. Parking is at the rear of the building. My office is Suite 303.

Mississauga Transit :

  1. Local Routes Near Office (Dundas Street E. - West of Cawthra)

  2. Help Phone 905-615-4636 (ask for Dundas Street at Hensall Circle)

  3. Mississauga Transit Route Maps and Schedules

  4. Cooksville GO 

  5. Port Credit GO

  6. Long Branch GO

  7. Islington Subway

GO Transit:

  1. GO Transit Map 

  2. Port Credit GO Station

  3. Clarkson GO Station

  4. Cooksville GO Station

  5. Mississauga Transit (Square One) Route 8 (South)


  1. Blue & White Taxi 905-274-444

  2. All Star Taxi 905-602-0000

  3. City Peel Taxi 905-624-1011

  4. Golden Taxi 905-271-3333




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470 Hensall Circle, Suite 303
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 3V4

905-273-3322  or 1-877-273-3322


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