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 R. v. Hafermehl

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ID: 97

Title: R. v. Hafermehl

Cite: [1993] A.J. No. 981

Court: AL CA

Date: 09/12/1993

Justices: Fraser C.J.A., Foisy and McFadyen JJ.A.

Result: Appeal dismissed

WhoWon: P

Issue: As Soon as Practicable




"Where a police officer reasonably believed that a vehicle posed danger to the travelling public or reasonably believed that there was a risk to the security of the vehicle or its contents, a reasonable delay in transporting an accused to a location where a breath test might be administered in order to avoid these risks was justified. The test was whether the breath tests were administered "within a reasonably prompt time under the circumstances" keeping in mind both subjective and objective factors" Edit

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