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 R. v. Morin

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ID: 75

Title: R. v. Morin

Cite: 71 C.C.C. (3d) 1

Court: SCC

Date: 26/03/1992

Justices: Lamer C.J.C., La Forest, Sopinka, Gonthier, McLachlin, Stevenson and Iacobucci JJ.

Result: Appeal dismissed.

WhoWon: P

Issue: Unreasonable Delay




14 1/2-month delay, Counsel for the accused explicitly requested ''the earliest possible trial date''. The trial was set for March 28, 1989. In response to a query from counsel as to whether this was ''the earliest date'', the presiding justice answered a simple ''yes'' ... Court of Appeal acknowledged that the sole source of delay in this case was attributable to limits on institutional resources Edit


1. the length of the delay; 2. waiver of time periods; 3. the reasons for the delay, including (a) inherent time requirements of the case; (b) actions of the accused; (c) actions of the Crown; (d) limits on institutional resources, and (e) other reasons for delay, and 4. prejudice to the accused. Edit

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