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 R. v. Lightfoot

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ID: 564

Title: R. v. Lightfoot

Cite: [1981] 1 S.C.R. 566

Court: SCC

Date: 11/05/1981

Justices: Laskin C.J. Martland, Ritchie, Dickson, Beetz, Estey, McIntyre, Chouinard and Lamer JJ.

Result: Acquitted

WhoWon: P

Issue: Rules and Forms

Charges: drunk driving



-appellant acquitted of a drunk driving charge under s. 236 of the Criminal Code -Crown electing to proceed under summary conviction procedure, had sought to prove the charge by viva voce evidence, relying on the presumption created by s. 237(1)(c), and appellant had called no evidence in defence -appeal dismissed Edit


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