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This is an interactive database for use in Canada through courtroom and chambers links to the Internet. Judges, Crowns, and defence counsel are invited to add cases with respect to the issues listed. When browsing a specific case law professionals are also encouraged to add additional facts, reasons, issues, or comments to the specific case. Members of the public should consult a lawyer for proper legal advice.

This database is just beginning. As lawyers and judges add new cases and further comments and details to existing cases, this database will become an important resource. The quality of entries will vary with the individuals who submit them. If everyone who provides input uses care the database will be reliable and complete.

It is hoped that the  interactive nature of the database will encourage users to make their own submissions, especially when they disagree with comments already submitted.

This database may be expanded to other sections of the Criminal Code or to other fields of law if there is demand. 

We hope that programming costs will be paid by advertisers or through a subscription fee. Lawyers who would like to "sponsor" a particular case (perhaps where they appeared as counsel) should contact 905-273-3322


Thank you for your interest in this experiment.

Stephen Biss