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If you are attending Court for first appearance, ask for your Disclosure, a copy of any Statement or Breath Room video, then adjourn the matter for 3 weeks to obtain a proper 1 hour opinion from a lawyer.


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Arrest and Going to Court


You Want to Make a Will


Maps to Greater Toronto Area Courthouses


Guide to Brampton Criminal Courthouse


Ask for an Adjournment



Criminal Law and Spousal Assault


How Much Will It Cost? Criminal Charges


Character Reference Letters


Arrest, Police Questioning, and Release


I've Been Caught Shoplifting


Can I fight My Criminal Charge?


How Do I Purge My Criminal Record?


Criminal Law Definitions


Criminal Law Research Tools




My Child Has Been Arrested !


Youth Court Information for  Parents


Warning: Don't Sign a Waiver at the Police Station of Your Right to Counsel


Young Offender Sentencing


Consequences for Young Offenders


Factors Affecting Young Offender Sentencing


Preparation for YOA YCJA Sentencing


Can Children Under 12 Be Charged?


Raise the Age of Consent to 16 or 18?


Children in CAS Care


Family Law Lawyers


Parents and Suspension Expulsion


Simple Possession of Marijuana


DUI Dictionary


How I Can Help Another Canadian Impaired Driving Lawyer DUI Attorney


Automatic Suspension of Licences on Arrest


Automatic Suspension of Licences on Conviction


Re-instatement of Licences


Vehicle Interlock Requirement


Drive While Suspended Penalties in Ontario


Can I Visit Canada with a DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI?





Additional Resources:


The Naked Intoxilyzer 5000C


Maintenance Videos


DUI Attorney: Laws in Ontario


DUI Attorney: Breath BAC Instruments in Ontario


DUI Lawyer: US, Canada, and International Database


DUI Court: Ontario Database - Courts and Lawyers


DUI Lawyer: Toronto Area Database - Courts and Lawyers


Ontario's New Ignition Interlock Programme 


Law Society of Upper Canada Presentation May 2008


Criminal Lawyers Association Presentation October 2008: C-2 Not a Defence


Mississauga Lawyer Stephen Biss Explains the Intoxilyzer(R) 5000C


Additional Qualifications:


Intoxilyzer 5000 Qualifications


Intoxilyzer 8000 Qualifications


Datamaster Qualifications


Controlled Alcohol Testing



Video Examples of Intoxilyzer(R) 5000 Automatic System Issues

Ambient Fail System Failures

Diagnostics Test System Failures

Interferent System Failures

RFI Detect System Failures

Mouth Alcohol Detect System Failures

Compromised Calibration Check System








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N.W.T. Court of Appeal N.W.T. Statutes
Nunavut Court of Appeal Nunavut Statutes







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