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DUI: driving ability significantly impaired; DWAI: driving ability impaired to the slightest degree; Per se: .1; Driving: physical control of a vehicle; Place: anywhere in the state; Right to an attorney: none before test request; Implied Consent: repealed and now called express consent; Advisement by officer: none; Test: May choose breath or blood, no independent sample, but samples saved for retest; Breath: Intoxilyzer 5000, single sample; PBT: officer must advise persons over 21 they have a right to refuse; FST: must be voluntary if no PC, can be ordered if PC; Refusal: jury told; Checkpoints: yes; License: no driving for 90 days on first offense over .1, 1 year for refusal or subsequent offenses, other state convictions count, right to have officer present; Presumptions: Sober: .05 or below, DWAI: .05+ to .099, DUI: .1 and above; Trial: Jury of six; Speedy trial: six months; Appeals: none without going to trial; Court: misdemeanors in county courts

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A conviction for either impaired operation, over 80 mg/100mL, or refusal to provide a breath sample results in a minimum DUI fine or jail: minimum 1000 dollar fine for a first, minimum 90 days jail for a second, or a minimum of 120 days in jail for a third. A Criminal Code driving prohibition will be imposed by the Court precluding operation of a motor vehicle anywhere in Canada for at least one year. Minimum automatic driver's licence suspension by the Ministry upon conviction in Ontario of 1 year for a first, 3 years for a second, lifetime for a third. Course and fee required for licence reinstatement. Installation of an ignition interlock system is required after reinstatement. There is an automatic administrative licence suspension for 90 days immediately upon arrest. If you drive while suspended in Ontario, you face harsh penalties. Please see the Canadian Criminal Law Case Briefs database for more information.

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