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Advisement of rights on plea of guilty; record of proceedings , section: IC 9-30-3-11

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DUI Procedure/Evidence, Plea of guilty; informing defendant of right

IC 9-30-3-11 Plea of guilty; informing defendant of rights; record of proceedings; destruction of documents; liability of court officers Sec. 11. (a) Before accepting a plea of guilty to a misdemeanor traffic offense, the court shall inform the defendant of the defendant's rights, including the right to: (1) engage counsel; (2) a reasonable continuance to engage counsel to subpoena witnesses; (3) have process issued by the court, without expense to the defendant, to compel the attendance of witnesses in the defendant's behalf; (4) testify or not to testify in the defendant's own behalf; (5) a trial by jury; and (6) appeal. (b) The court shall inform each defendant charged with a traffic offense other than a nonmoving traffic offense, if the defendant is convicted or judgment is entered against the defendant, that a record of the conviction or judgment will be sent to the bureau or the motor vehicle bureau of the state where the defendant received a license to drive to become a part of the defendant's driving record.

Comments : This section codifies the record to be made on a guilty plea, especially as to advisement of Constitutional rights.

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