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Mississauga Lawyer Stephen Biss defends criminal law charges in Mississauga

This information is provided by Mississauga lawyer, Stephen Biss.

Some lawyers in Mississauga act as solicitors. Mississauga solicitors prepare documents and work out of their offices. Mississauga barristers go to Court. The main Mississauga Court House is really located in Brampton, Ontario. Lawyers in Ontario are both solicitors and barristers, although many lawyers, including Mississauga lawyers, tend to act as either barristers most of the time or solicitors most of the time. Many Mississauga lawyers act as both Mississauga barristers and Mississauga solicitors.

Mississauga lawyers often go to Court at City of Toronto courthouses and Greater Toronto Area court houses. Stephen Biss is a Mississauga lawyer who attends Court at the Brampton Ontario Court of Justice, the Milton Ontario Court of Justice, the Guelph Ontario Court of Justice, and many other Courts in and around the GTA.

You can learn a lot more about Ontario and other DUI Courts by clicking on the "Courts" link at the top of this page or by using the main menu at www.lawyers.ca.

For more information, please phone Mississauga lawyer, Stephen Biss, at 905-273-3322.

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