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Areas of Law Which I Practice


Criminal Law and Spousal Assault

Drunk Driving, DUI, Impaired Driving

Youth Court, Young Persons, "Young Offenders"


Areas of Law Which I Don't Practice

Mississauga Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

Mississauga Real Estate Lawyer

Mississauga Business Lawyer

Mississauga Corporate Lawyer

Mississauga Civil Litigation Lawyer


Areas Which I Only Practice for Old Clients:

Mississauga Wills, Estates, Probate Lawyer



Criminal Law and Spousal Assault

Character Reference Letters

Arrest, Police Questioning, and Release

I've Been Caught Shoplifting

How Do I Purge My Criminal Record?


Drunk Driving / Impaired Driving


Canadian Impaired Driving Checklist

Canadian Drinking Driver's Worksheet

Should I Plead Guilty to Impaired Driving?

Can I Fight My Drunk Driving Charge?

What's My Track Record Defending Impaired Driving?

How I Can Help

DUI: Legislation in Ontario

DUI: Breath BAC Instruments in Ontario

DUI: US, Canada, and International Database

DUI: Ontario Database - Courts and Lawyers

DUI: Toronto Area Database - Courts and Lawyers


Simple Possession of Marijuana


Change Young Offenders Act and Youth Criminal Justice Act ?

My Child Has Been Arrested !

Consequences for Young Offenders

Preparation for YOA YCJA Sentencing

What Factors Will the Youth Court Judge Consider?
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Quality Research

Hard Work for Each Client


Creative Ideas

Knowledge of the Opposition

Part-Time Assistant Crown Attorney

Qualified Intoxilyzer Breath Alcohol Technician





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