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BAC Instruments and SAS in Arizona

Intoxilyzer 5000

Manufactured by: CMI, Inc.

Used by: Arizona DPS, Phoenix Police, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Tucson, Glendale, Gilbert, Maricopa County, Pima County. This machine is used throughout Arizona.

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The Intoxilyzer 5000, like most breath testing machines is subject to errors. The machine assumes that you are an average person. The problem is that nobody is average biologically and chemically. This raises a serious problem with the accuracy of the instrument.

The results of the machine in Arizona are beatable. However, you must be willing to litigate the case to have a chance of winning your AZ DUI.


Please see www.impaired-driving.com for more recent information on approved instruments and accessory equipment used in Ontario, Canada.

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Intoxilyzer®  is a registered trademark of CMI, Inc. The Intoxilyzer® 5000C is an "approved instrument" in Canada.
Breathalyzer® is a registered trademark of Draeger Safety, Inc., Breathalyzer Division. The owner of the trademark is Robert F. Borkenstein and Draeger Safety, Inc. has leased the exclusive rights of use from him. The Breathalyzer® 900 and Breathalyzer® 900A are "approved instruments" in Canada.
Alcotest® is a registered trademark of Draeger Safety, Inc. The Alcotest® 7410 GLC is an "approved screening device" in Canada.


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Warning: This is NOT a government web site.