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The England Drinking Driver's Worksheet

This form is for use by persons who have recently been charged with a drinking and driving offence in England. Use this form to make notes of what happened and bring this form with you to your attorney. Keep this information absolutely confidential. WARNING! If this memorandum when completed is not delivered to your attorney forthwith, and if it or a photocopy is seen, obtained, or seized by the police or anyone else who is not your attorney, this memorandum could be used in Court against you. Deliver it to your attorney in person forthwith.

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The England Drinking Driver's Worksheet

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Drinker: Drinking Date:

Private and Confidential - Give to Your Attorney Forthwith

WARNING: It is dangerous to drink and drive after consuming any quantity of alcohol. The reality is, however, that people drink in moderation during a meal or when visiting friends and then need to drive home. One day you will be stopped. If the officer suspects that you have alcohol in your body you may be asked to provide a breath sample. You may need to prove evidence to contradict a breath machine.
If you are charged your attorney and your toxicologist will need to know exactly what you ate and drank that day for purposes of proving your blood alcohol content at the moment of the alleged offence. This worksheet may help you to provide that information. If already arrested we suggest you complete the Checklist.
NOTE: We are not suggesting that 1, 2, 3 or 4 drinks is safe prior to driving. If you complete this Worksheet after you are arrested, it is not appropriate for you, your companion, and the bartender to make notations on the same Worksheet. Comparison of notes among potential witnesses looks suspicious to the Courts, rather each should prepare a separate Worksheet and not compare notes. If you give up your right to silence be honest. Copyright Stephen R. Biss, Barrister & Solicitor, 2001
Description Time Served Time Started Time Finished Server Name Other Notes
type, brand, quantity, %, and details of each food, side dish, medication, and drink keep meal/bar bills and receipts, note time of arrival at bar or restaurant and time of service both you and your companion should make separate notes of when you started each food, medication, or drink both you and your companion should make separate notes of when you finished each food, medication, or drink your server may be a witness in Court, note measuring device, jigger, jub, bottle, glass, size  companion or server initials if these notes made while drinking and before arrest 
First Drink
Second Drink
Third Drink
Fourth Drink
Completed Date: Completed By:

Copyright Stephen R. Biss, Barrister & Solicitor, 2001



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