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Drinking and Driving Attorneys in Wilmington Courts, North Carolina DUI Legislation NC


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This is a database of Wilmington, North Carolina DUI Law information contributed by North Carolina drinking and driving attorneys who practice DUI law in and near Wilmington, NC and who are members of the International Referral Database of DUI, DWI, Impaired and Drunk Driving, Drinking and Driving, Lawyers & Attorneys. Participation in the database is free to DUI Defense lawyers. The aim of the database is to provide the public and colleagues in other states and provinces with a great deal of good quality information about local DUI laws and practice. If the data below is incomplete, please encourage local attorneys to join and add helpful information. If a particular DUI attorney's name is not mentioned, he or she may not yet have joined the database or they may not have specifically listed "Wilmington" in the region field of their profile. If a particular DUI courthouse  is not detailed, it may not yet be entered in the database or no one has  listed "Wilmington" in the cities or towns served field of that courthouse.

You will find helpful information about any criminal law courthouses found in Wilmington, North Carolina, and perhaps motor vehicle license offices in Wilmington, North Carolina. Below you will also find links to Summaries of Drunk Driving Law for North Carolina,information about what to do on first attendance in DUI Court in the greater Wilmington, North Carolina area, what clothing you should wear in DUI Court if you are in Wilmington, North Carolina, and why you should be early for Court in Wilmington, North Carolina. There are links to listings of North Carolina DUI Criminal Law Courthouses and motor vehicle offices throughout North Carolina. Follow the BAC instruments links and standards links to find out about the breath alcohol concentration (BAC) instruments used in North Carolina.

NC DUI Drinking and Driving laws can be complex. DUI Legislation may be found by following the links to the North Carolina drinking and driving statutes.   

No courthouses entered yet for this community. Local DUI attorneys are welcome to add a separate web page for each of the DUI courthouses in this jurisdiction, each linked from this page and each containing your advertising banner on top with links back to you. Each courthouse page can also contain a telephone directory for the courthouse with a separate web page for each government office in the courthouse. Multiple pages created by you mean multiple hyperlinks back to your own site. Contact biss@lawyers.ca for more information..

Index of DUI Courthouses in North Carolina  

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Index of DMV Motor Vehicle Offices in North Carolina 

Index of County Lawyer Association Pages in North Carolina 

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Database of DUI Attorneys and Lawyers in and near Wilmington, NC 

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Drinking and Driving Attorney in Wilmington, North Carolina

Impaired Driving DUI Attorney in Wilmington, North Carolina



Substantive DUI/Excess Alcohol Offense     Governor's Task Force


North Carolina Breath Instruments and Standard Alcohol Solutions



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