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The International Drinking and Driving Debate

The debate for November 2004:

Should a person charged with a drunk driving offence be permitted to use their cell phone or other wireless device to contact a lawyer while waiting in the police car at the scene?

Persons arrested often waste time while police are arranging the tow or searching their vehicle?  Should an arrested person be able to use his or her PDA/Organizer, Cell Phone, Blackberry or other device to retain a lawyer while they wait?

What do you think?  

10 Nov 2004


In Ontario, Canada, the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled in R. v. George, that a person detained pursuant to a screening device demand, wasting time while waiting for the arrival of the device, ought to be provided with his or her right to counsel so that he or she can ask the police officer to use a cell phone for legal advice while waiting.


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