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The International Drinking and Driving Debate

This debate is designed for fair discussion of important issues by high school students, lawyers, and members of the general public. Drinking and driving issues are very important and need to be thoroughly discussed in every country.

Please do not infer that it is safe to drink any amount and drive. Alcohol and other substances have differing effects on different people. Young persons in particular must be very careful because their physiology is different from adults.

Other parts of this site contain resources and links respecting DUI, DWI, Impaired, and Drunk Driving laws in the United States, Canada, and other countries. You are welcome to use these resources for school projects as long as you give proper credit to the author.



November 2002: Absolute Prohibition of Drinking and Driving


December 2002: Crossing the Border with a DUI Conviction


January 2003: Right to Counsel Before DUI Tests


February 2003: Should people stop drinking wine?


April 2003: Bail for DUI Offences


November 2004: Use of Cell Phones/Organizers On Arrest for Legal Advice


Please also see: DUIblog: Bad Drunk Driving Laws and the New Prohibition 



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