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John Sopinka Courthouse
Ontario Court of Justice


Photographs are provided to assist in locating this courthouse:


45 Main St. E.
Hamilton , Ontario
L8N 2B7

(905) 645-5252

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John Sopinka Courthouse - Parking: Find a parking lot on Main Steet.

Courthouse Photocopying: -

Food in John Sopinka Courthouse - Courthouse: Kiosk at old end of building beyond court clerk windows.

John Sopinka Courthouse- Lawyers' Lounge: Lounge, cloakroom , and library operated by county law association

John Sopinka Courthouse - Law Library: County Law Association

John Sopinka Courthouse - Court Internet Data Access: -

Directions to John Sopinka Courthouse - Courthouse: QEW to Hwy. 403 to Main Street (Hwy 8).

History of Courthouses in : Lovely old building joined to new building.

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