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The Approved Instrument Most Often Used in Ontario

Guth 2100 Accessory Equipment

1. The Importance of Obtaining the Wet-bath Simulator Serial Number

2. How Many Simulators are Used at the Local Police Detachment?

3. A DUI Lawyer should purchase the Guth 2100 Operator Manual

5.  How Do Police Verify the Temperature of a Digital Thermometer?

8. A Crown or defence "excess alcohol" DUI lawyer needs to understand Henry's Law.

12. What is "upper bulb" mercury separation in a #duisimulator?

17. Which thermometer is the defence or Crown talking about in disclosure correspondence?

20. How can a Peel Police Service simulator have a perfect temperature of 34.00, thousands of times, for two years?

25.  Block Diagram of Guth 2100 Simulator Operation

26. What are the Differences Among Calibration, Calibration Checks, and Inspections?

28. Why should a Qualified Technician Check for Chips & Cracks in the Simulator Jar?



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