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Maybe the breath testing Approved Instrument or its operator made a mistake and your blood alcohol concentration at the time of taking the test wasn't what the qualified technician recorded in the Certificate of Analysis. Maybe your blood alcohol concentration at the time of the test was higher than it was at the time of driving because alcohol takes time to be absorbed and distributed in the human body. Maybe something went wrong.

You may be innocent but not have a defence. We used to call this  "evidence to the contrary" or  a "Carter defence". Based on your recollection of eating and drinking (using the Canadian Drinking Driver's Worksheet), a toxicologist would calculate your actual blood alcohol content at the time of driving or care or control. If the Judge believed you and your witnesses, the evidence of the toxicologist would be applied by the Judge and if he or she had a reasonable doubt you would be acquitted. 

In recent years the issue has become the scientific reliability of the breath testing process. Calculation of BAC is, however, a useful activity in determining moral innocence. Evidence of moral innocence may help your lawyer seek and find a scientific explanation for the error.  

Warning: Only a toxicologist should perform a calculation of blood alcohol concentration. Ask your lawyer to retain a toxicologist to provide an opinion of blood alcohol concentration based on what you actually had to drink. 

Warning: Do not under any circumstances use a blood alcohol calculator as a guide to whether or not it is safe to drink and drive. Impairment of ability to operate a motor vehicle can occur at low concentrations of alcohol and/or drugs.  

Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculators



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